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  • If he is still cheating then you are enabling his behavior and you should be controlling the situation and not letting your husband control the situation. If he cheated and it is over then he may be tired of you bringing up the subject and feels he will never live it down and you will never forgive him. You both should have gone to a marriage counselor for help and it is still not too late. If he continues to be agitated and is still cheating on you then you need to take control and at least go for a separation in order to give yourself a chance to know if you really want to stay in this marriage and the same applies if you are not sure you can ever forgive him for cheating even though he may have ended the affair.
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Q: Your husband gets mad when you talk about his cheating?
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What if you are scared when your husband gets mad?

are you scared he is going to hurt you?

Is it wrong for a guy to get mad at his girlfriend for being upset when he gets revenge after forgiving her for cheating?

Probably not. He shouldn't get revenge though. The guy and girl need to talk it all out. Talking is the best fix.

If your boyfriend gets pissed and out of his head and kisses another girl is that cheating?

uhm, ya! if he kisses any girl ya that's cheating mad or not

When your younger brother gets mad at you and you can't tell on him what do you do?

when my brother gets me mad i say iam not ganna talk to him for my rest of my life but i do accedently talk to him that's the problem. when he sleeps slap him hard and then say that was for you doing that to me.

Why is it that when one cheats in a relationship and doesn't get caught gets mad if their partner cheats?

Because the one who's cheating doesn't recognize that what they're doing is wrong and then gets mad at their partner. It's called being a hypocrite.

How do you tell your boyfriend that your cheating?

just sit him down and talk to him and just ask him nice and gentle if he is cheating on you. yes, he will probability get mad but if he truly loves you he would answer honestly and not over react.

Why does your new boyfriend act like he does not care or need anyone when you talk to him about it he gets mad?

He get mad because he thinks you don't like him.

What should you do if you're pregnant and in a long-term relationship and you think your fiance is cheating because people have told you he is but when you ask him he gets mad and says he isn't?

Get better proof. You need to talk to the people who said he is cheating and get hardcore evidence. Otherwise it is his word against your sources and you should trust him over them (unless there is evidence).

Friend who you think is cheating on her husband and now she's mad at you because you know?

Maybe you're not telling us the whole story or maybe the friend is not really mad at you. Or maybe your friend is unbalanced or hormonal.

Your boyfriend always thinks you are cheating what do you do you can never even talk to other guys without him getting mad but he can always talk to girls?

U can try and convince him but if u can't u need to accpet the possibility that he is possebility that he is possesvive or maybe be cheating

If a guy stares at you for the longest time and he gets mad when you talk to other guys does he like you?

of coarse

Is it true that if he's not cheating he will get mad?

Do you mean if you accuse him of cheating & he's not will he get mad ? If so i think he has every right to get mad because you are wrongly accusing him but make sure he gives proof that he isn't cheating before you believe him .