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Tybalt just recognizes Romeo when he sees him, and he is angry, so he goes to tell Lord Capulet.

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Tybalt reacts with anger and challenges Romeo to a duel when he recognizes him at the Capulet's party. Lord Capulet, however, intervenes and tells Tybalt to let the matter go, as he does not want any trouble at the party.

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Q: How does Tybalt react when he recognizes Romero and what is Lord Capulet's reaction?
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Why does Tybalt call for his sword?

Tybalt recognizes Romeo, a Montague, at his uncle, Lord Capulet's, party, and believes Romeo intends to insult the Capulet family.

Tybalt recognizes Romeo by what?

Tybalt recognizes Romeo at the ball in the beginnign of the play by his voice. To be precise, he recognizes him as a Montegue for this reason.

What did Tybalt do to romeo at the banquet?

Tybalt recognizes Romeo and becomes angry that he is at the banquet, as he is a Montague and they are enemies of the Capulets. However, Tybalt is restrained by Lord Capulet, who orders him to leave Romeo alone because he is behaving courteously.

Who recognizes romeos voice at the capulets feast and refuses to stay?

Tybalt recognizes Romeo's voice at the Capulet's feast and is outraged that he has crashed the party. He informs Lord Capulet about Romeo's presence and insists that he should be removed from the party immediately. Lord Capulet, however, allows Romeo to stay because he does not want to cause a scene at the feast.

The Capulets nephew in romeo and Juliet?


What does Tybalt think Romeo's motive was for coming to the capulets' feast?

To fleer and scorn at the Capulets. Tybalt is under the impression that Montagues all hate Capulets so much that whatever they do must in some way be insulting.

What is Tybalt's reaction to romeo at the party?

"Give me my rapier, boy." It was a chance for a fight.He is extremely rude and wants to fight him. He assumes that somehow Romeo's attendance at the party is intended to insult the Capulets. For Tybalt, anything will do for an excuse to fight.

Who recognizes romeo's voice at the ball and how does he react?

Tybalt recognizes Romeo's voice and immediately prepares to duel him, since duelling is all that Tybalt is interested in.

Who were tybalt's parents?

Tybalt is the main antagonist in the play "Romeo and Juliet". There is no direct mention of his parents by name, but it is revealed that Tybalt is Lady Capulets nephew.

Who recognizes Romeo's voice at the Capulet's feast?

Juliet recognizes Romeo's voice at the Capulet's feast.

Who recognizes romeo at the party?

Tybalt...he says theres a montague and trys to have him kicked out

What has Tybalt done to escalate the feud between the Montagues and Capulets?

Tybalt has vowed revenge upon Romeo and has sent a challenge to Romeo's father's house.