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He was considered too humane

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The prisoner in charge of their block was replaced because he was too kind and compassionate, making him ineffective at maintaining order and discipline among the other prisoners. The SS officers believed that a more ruthless and strict leader was needed to keep the prisoners in line.

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Q: Night by Elie Wiesel in chapter 3 why was the prisoner in charge of their block replaced?
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What advice does the polish prisoner in charge of the block give in the book night?

In Elie Wiesel's book "Night," the Polish prisoner in charge of the block advised Elie to lie about his age and occupation to avoid selection for death in the concentration camp. He also warned Elie about the importance of staying strong and holding onto hope in order to survive the horrors they were facing.

What was a kapo during the holocaust?

A Kapo was a prisoner who was placed in charge of other prisoners. Itwas a method used to mean that the guards needed to do less to keep control/discipline of the prisoners, if the kapo did not do a good enough job, then he was replaced.

A prisoner in charge of a concentration camp?

There's some confusion here. Some prisoners were given positions of responsibilty inside concentration camps. They were called Kapos or Capos. Obviously, no prisoner was ever 'in charge of a concentration camp'.

Why was the prisoner in charge of Elie’s block removed from this position?

because he was considered "too humane".

What is a OberKapo?

"Oberkapo" as i understand it was a trusted prisoner in Nazi concentration camps in WW2. This was a prisoner chosen to be in charge of huts or work parties.

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