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Some websites other than that may have Madara x OC stories include Archive of Our Own (AO3), Wattpad, and Tumblr. These platforms have a variety of fanfiction stories for different fandoms, including Naruto.

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Q: Some good Madara x OC stories If so what are some websites other than fanfiction?
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Is there other websites like fanfictionnet? is the sister site. For other fanfiction sites, I have no idea, I've only ever been to fanfiction.

Are there any stories or fanfiction about the cartoon show Martha Speaks out there anywhere and I already tried and didn't find any so is there any other places where they might be?

No there isn't any stories on fanfiction about the cartoon show

Where you can find sasusaku stories?

You can find SasuSaku (Sasuke and Sakura) stories on websites such as, Archive of Our Own, and Wattpad. These platforms host a wide range of fanfiction stories, including those featuring the SasuSaku pairing.

Are there any good writers of fanfiction out there?

Sure there are! You just have to find the ones you like, just as in any other stories.

Where can you find a site for young adults to post their fanfiction?

Websites like Wattpad, Archive of Our Own (AO3), and are popular platforms where young adults can post their fanfiction for others to read and enjoy. These sites have large communities of writers and readers who share a variety of fanfiction stories across different genres and fandoms.

What are some fan fiction websites other than fanfiction net and deviantart com?

There are many! You just need to go to your favorite search engine and type the word "fanfiction" (or "fan fiction" if you prefer) and then the subject you're looking for. Here's a link to some more websites, also!

What are fanfiction crossovers?

Fanfiction crossovers are stories that combine elements from two or more different fictional universes or fandoms. This can involve characters, settings, or events from one world interacting with those from another, creating unique and sometimes unexpected narratives. Fans enjoy crossovers for the way they blend familiar elements in new and creative ways.

How many madara are there in naruto?

Just one. The other one is Tobi disguised as Madara

Are there any good sites for high school students to submit short armature stories and read stories from other authors Like FanFiction but no based on existing material?

Yes, websites like Wattpad and FictionPress are good platforms for high school students to submit their original short stories and read works from other emerging authors. These platforms are popular for sharing and discovering new talent in the writing community.

How did Sasuke kill madara?

They never fought each other and are on the same side. Madara is still alive.

Is Minato stronger then Madara?

Yes Minato Is stronger than Madara! Because when madara attacks konoha with kyuubi by his side, minato defeats madara and seals half of kyuubi inside himself and other half in naruto

Will Naruto fight Madara?

Well actually there is no episodes that shows naruto and madara fight each other yet.