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an orphanage

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Amir's father built an orphanage in Kabul during Amir's early childhood in the book The Kite Runner. This orphanage was established to provide a home and support for orphaned children in need.

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Q: What did Amir's father build during Amir's early childhood in the book The Kite Runner?
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Who is amirs real parents in The Kite Runner?

In "The Kite Runner," Amir's real father is Baba, who is a wealthy and influential man in Kabul. Hassan's father, named Ali, works as a servant for Baba's family and is not related to Amir biologically.

Where is amirs hometown in The Kite Runner?

Amir's hometown in "The Kite Runner" is Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan.

Who is general sahib in the Kite Runner?

General Sahib in "The Kite Runner" is a character who is a friend of Baba's and a prominent figure in the novel's Afghan community. He is protective of his garden, representing the idea of privilege and wealth in society. General Sahib is depicted as a proud and traditional man who values his reputation and status.

Why did ali and his son leave in The Kite Runner?

Ali and his son Hassan left Baba's household in "The Kite Runner" because they were forced to leave due to the dishonor of Hassan's biological father, which created tension and conflict in the household. Amir frames Hassan for theft to get rid of him, leading to Ali and Hassan's departure as a result of the betrayal and injustice they faced.

What was amirs first word in The Kite Runner?

Hassan's first word is Amir. Amir does not reveal his name till this point, which shows his underlying guilt because Hassan loves him so much and Amir's betrayal.

Is amirs chair broken?

yes it is

Who is wasiq latif?

amirs dad

What are amirs feeling in chapter 7 The Kite Runner?

In Chapter 7 of "The Kite Runner," Amir is feeling guilty and ashamed for not standing up to protect Hassan from the bullies. He also feels a sense of betrayal for not intervening when Hassan needed him the most. Amir is struggling with his conflicting emotions and haunted by his inaction.

What great accomplishment happens in regards to Amirs career from The Kite Runner?

In "The Kite Runner," Amir achieves a great accomplishment by redeeming himself through adopting Sohrab, Hassan's son, and providing him with a loving home in America. This act of redemption allows Amir to atone for his past mistakes and find peace within himself.

What are amirs moral codes?

Amir's moral code in "The Kite Runner" includes feelings of guilt and a desire for redemption, as well as a commitment to loyalty and a sense of justice through making amends for past mistakes. He grapples with themes of betrayal, forgiveness, and personal responsibility throughout the novel.

In The Kite Runner what does the kite represent?

The kite in "The Kite Runner" represents the complexities of friendship, guilt, and redemption. It symbolizes the shifting dynamics in the relationship between Amir and Hassan, reflecting both their bond and the betrayal that occurs. Ultimately, the kite serves as a metaphor for both the pain of the past and the possibility of atonement.

How did amirs family come to know Ali in The Kite Runner?

Amir's family came to know Ali when Baba's fatherly friend, Rahim Khan, brought him to work as their servant. Ali was a Hazara man, which is a minority group in Afghanistan, and was a loyal and trustworthy servant to Baba. Despite their class differences, Ali and Baba had a close and respectful relationship.