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It was to show how people have no need for things like diamonds or other forms of currency. The diamond alone does not benefit society so there is not point of it.

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In "Gulliver's Travels," the yahoos searching for diamonds symbolize humans engaging in meaningless pursuits and materialistic desires. It reflects Swift's criticism of society's obsession with wealth and status, emphasizing the folly of chasing after superficial goals while ignoring more meaningful aspects of life.

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Q: What did it mean when the yahoos were searching for diamonds in gullivers travel?
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Gulliver despises the Yahoos because they represent the worst aspects of humanityโ€”greed, violence, and filthiness. Their behavior is a stark contrast to the rational and civilized Houyhnhnms, whom Gulliver admires. The Yahoos' savage nature shocks and disgusts Gulliver, leading him to see himself and his fellow humans in a negative light.