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A book.

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Q: What has a stiff spine and pale body always ready to tell a tale?
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What is a sentence with the word stiff?

After sitting for too long, my back felt stiff and sore.

What is a stiff rod of tissue that gives rise to the spine?

The notochord is a stiff rod of tissue found in developing embryos that serves as a precursor to the spine in vertebrates. It provides structural support and plays a role in organizing the developing body plan. Over time, the notochord is replaced by the vertebral column during embryonic development.

Can your body be ready for sex if you are not?

Your body is always ready! But I think it's better to have sex when your ready and don't let anyone force you into it otherwise you won't enjoy it!

What does your lumbar spine control in your body?

The lumbar spine controls many parts of your body. The spine has numerous nerve connections to all the organs in your body. If your lumbar spine is damaged it can harm different organs.

Where is an owls spine in its body?

Where the spine usually is...IN THE BACK! ;)

What is the spine in your body?

The spine helps you walk if you didn't have a spine you wouldn't be walking ( you would feel like jelly), The spine is the MOST important bone in your body and also the biggest.

What is a sentence for the word spine?

The spine is a vital part of the human body, providing support and protection for the spinal cord.

What does the spine do in your body?

it helps your body have its structure.

What is the part of the body that supports the body?

The spine.

Where is epidural in the body?


Is the spine medial or lateral?

The spine is a medial structure. It lies in the midline of the body.

Do All vertebrae possess a body a spine and transverse foramina?

No. Not all bones have possess a body, spine, and transverse foramina