What is often the basis for prejudice?

Updated: 3/25/2024
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The basis of prejudice toward a subgroup of society is often found in economic or psychological factors.

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Prejudice is often based on stereotypes, ignorance, fear, and a lack of exposure or understanding of different groups of people. It can also stem from cultural or societal influences that promote negative attitudes towards certain groups.

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Q: What is often the basis for prejudice?
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What is the unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice called?


What is the difference between without prejudice survey and survey on without prejudice basis?

A "without prejudice survey" is a survey conducted without revealing the identity of the participants or the purpose of the survey, allowing for more candid responses. On the other hand, a "survey on a without prejudice basis" typically means that the survey responses cannot be used as evidence in a legal proceeding.

In a society where groups interact closely on a basis of equality there tends to be?

low level of prejudice

Why is prejudice bad?

prejudice is bad because it is often harmful and no person deserves to be treated in such way.

Do people see some form of racism or prejudice on a daily basis?

It is highly likely that most do, but not all acknowledgethe racism, prejudice, and/or discrimination they see against others.

Often leads to discriminatory behavior?

Prejudice :D

How do you use the word basis in a sentence?

Scripture will often form the basis for the day.

The link between prejudice and stereotye?

Prejudice is a negative attitude or belief towards a specific group, while stereotypes are overgeneralized beliefs about a particular group. Prejudice often leads to the formation and reinforcement of stereotypes, as individuals use preconceived notions to justify their biased attitudes and behaviors toward others. Stereotypes can further perpetuate prejudice by promoting fixed and often inaccurate perspectives that contribute to discrimination and social inequalities.

How often should links to external sites be evaluated?

on a weekly basis quarterly basis on annual basis Type your answer here...

The holocaust was based in anti semitism what is anti semitism?

Antisemitism was one factor in the Holocaust, but not the basis of it. Antisemitism is a term used to denote a prejudice against Jews, much like sexism denotes a prejudice against a sex, or racism a prejudice against a race.

What is the homophone of basis?

Basis and bases are homophones. Homophones are words that sound alike, but have different meanings and often different spellings.

How is prejudice related to preconceptions?

Prejudice is a negative attitude or feeling toward a person or group based on preconceived ideas or beliefs. Prejudice often stems from preconceptions that are formed without sufficient evidence or rational consideration, leading to biased judgments and discriminatory behavior. Both prejudice and preconceptions can influence how individuals perceive and interact with others.