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Q: How do you identify a one million dollar note?
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How does one million dollar note looks like?

There isn't a note with the value of one million dollar.

Is one million dollar single note present in the world?

The One Million Dollar note is an advertising gimmick and does not exist as legal tender.

Is there any note which costs one million dollar note?

There are no Australian One Million Dollar banknotes. There are no collectible Australian banknotes that would get anything near One Million Dollars.

Is one million dollar note real?

no its fake dickheads

How do you know if you have a real one million dollar bill?

There is no such thing as a real million dollar bill, the largest dollar bill is a $100000 note, a gold seal note to be exact. However, there are pranks bills that are a "million dollars"

Is there one million dollar note of Federal Reserve Bank of America?


Is there a bill worth one billion us dollars?

No, but there is a million dollar bill note.

What is monetary value for one million dollar currency note issued in 1987?

Any 1 million US Dollar note is worthless other than as a curiosity. The largest denomination is circulation is $100. The largest ever circulated is $100,000.

Could you show me the one million dollar note?

If you type "million dollar note" into a Google Images search, you should be able to see all of the various One Million Dollar notes. Neither the U.S. nor Canada ever issued an official banknote with that value. Anything that purports to be a "million dollar bill" from either of those countries is simply a novelty item made by a private company, and is only worth a few dollars at a toy store or similar shop.

Do explain 1000000 united state dollar note?

The one million dollar bill is a novelty or fantasy note produced by private parties. No one million dollar bill was ever issued by the U.S. Treasury or the Federal Reserve. The largest bill ever produced in the U.S. was the non-circulating $100,000 note. Used strictly for bank to bank exchange. (Woodrow Wilson is the President on the $100,000 bill.)

How do you find out if the one million dollar bill you have is real?

Easy, it's not. The US never printed a million-dollar note. There are novelty items that look like $1,000,000 bills but they're intended as jokes.

Is there such a thing as a 1000000 U S millennium note?

There have been several novelty "million-dollar bills" printed privately; one of the designs claims to be a "millennium note." These are not legal tender; trying to cash or deposit one at a bank could get you charged with counterfeiting. (In fact, one evangelistic organization that has a million-dollar bill design for a tract is facing claims that the tracts are counterfeit bills.) There has never been a legal tender million dollar bill.