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One can get a loan for life insurance from a few locations. There are a few banks that will allow you to take out a loan using your life insurance payout as collateral.

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Q: How would one get a loan for insurance?
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Why would one need loan payment insurance?

Loan payment insurance may cover one for a variety of unplanned events. These may include loss of job, ill health, death or changes to financial situations. Loan payment insurance may cover either the interest on a loan, for a set period, or the loan payment in full.

Does the cosigner on an auto loan have to be on the insurance policy?

By co-signing the loan, they are guaranteeing that you will repay the loan. They do not need to be on the auto insurance policy, but it would be in their best interest.

Do you need insurance on a small boat?

If you have a loan, probably. No loan would mean no requirement. Common sense though would require it. Adding it to your home insurance or renters insurance would probably cost pennies.

Where can I find a good loan insurance calculator?

The best way to get a realistic figure for a home loan would be to talk to a bank or credit union. A less accurate method would be a online loan insurance calculator. You can find one here

Where can one get good personal loan insurance?

Usually you can get a personal loan insurance from the bank you are taking the loan from, or from an insurance company. There are also several website throughout the web, where you can get loan insurance.

Can you qualify for an auto loan with no drivers license?

yes you can get a auto loan without a license but you can not get auto insurance with out one and you can't complete the loan closing without insurance.

Learners permit insurance loan?

Do not know what you mean by 'insurance loan'?

Car totaled insurance value car at 16000 and loan amt is 12400 can you use your gap insurance to pay off car loan?

If they gave you 16000 on the car, you would not need gap insurance since your loan amount is 12400.

Does the car insurance pay the debt when the owner dies?

Normal car insurance Liability, Collision, & Comprehensive will not pay off the loan. You would need to get the proper insurance for this purpose. Either life insurance or insurance for the purpose of loan payment.

If you cosigned a loan for your girlfriend who you were going to marry how do you remove your name from the loan and the insurance agreement now that the marriage has been cancelled?

She would have to get another loan to pay off this one or get the loan company to agree to drop you. There is nothing you can do to get your name off the loan. Your potential marriage had nothing to do with the loan. You were simply agreeing to pay the loan if she didn't.

Would a mortgage company change your homeowners insurance to their name if they were not going to approve your loan?


Whats loans insurance and how will it benefit your life?

Loan insurance protects you in event of something happening. If you die, your relatives are not responsible for making loan payment. I highly suggest loan insurance to everyone who wishes to take out a loan.

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