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# Cash account to Bank account # Bank account to Cash account # Bank account to Bank account

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Q: What are the examples of contra voucher?
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What are the examples of contra account?

Examples of Contra Accounts are Accumulated Depreciation and Provision for Doubtful Debts

Definition of contra assets?

Contra assets are asset accounts with creditbalances. (A credit balance in an asset account is contrary-or contra-to an asset account's usual debit balance.) Examples of contra asset accounts include: * Allowance for Doubtful Accounts * Accumulated Depreciation-Land Improvements * Accumulated Depreciation-Buildings * Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment * Accumulated Depletion * Etc. source: -- amir

Is delivery equipment a contra asset account?

No, it is not a contra asset account. By definition, a contra asset account is an account which typically carries a credit balance and is used to accumulate amounts that are reductions of assets. Two common contra asset accounts are Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts Receivable and Accumulated Depreciation. If the delivery equipment is owned by your company then it should be considered an asset.

Purchase Return and Allowances is a contra account and its normal balance would be?

a debit and credit

Features of vouchers?

Vouchers can have varying features, depending on how secure they are. Secure Vouchers, who supply gift voucher printing have a list on their website that details different features that may be present on a gift voucher. In summary, these features include: Design, Paper Stock, Holograms, UV Ink, Heat reactive ink, Numbering and Terms & Conditions.

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What is contra voucher?

Contra voucher is use to cash or bank entries. where dr or cr is cash or bank.

Give you some tally shortcut keys?

Receipt voucher - F6 Contra voucher - F4 Payment voucher - F5 Purchase voucher - F6 Journal voucher - F7 Sales voucher - F8

What is meant by contra entry?

All cash and bank inter-related transaction records in Contra Voucher Short Cut Function key

What are the examples of contra account?

Examples of Contra Accounts are Accumulated Depreciation and Provision for Doubtful Debts

What are the examples of capital contra account?

is accumulated depreciation a contra account

What are examples for the prefix contra?


Examples of voucher entries in tally?

Bad Debts

Which type of voucher entry can be done by suing f4 button?

Contra - Cash withdrawal from Bank or Cash deposited to Bank

Features of tally 9.0?

F1 - Select Company. F2 - To Change Date F3 - To Select the company F4 - Contra Entry F5 - Payment Voucher F6 - Receipt. F7 - Journal F8 - Sales Voucher F9 - Purchase Voucher Manasi

What are some examples of contra asset account?

Accumulated deprciation

How can you check status on section8 voucher for Contra Costa if you on the waiting list?

The best thing you can do is call and find out. They may or may not have online capabilities for this.

What is contra voucher in accounting?

A Contra voucher entry is a transaction involving transfer of cash between one Cash A/c to another or one Cash A/c to another Bank A/c i.e., is a transaction indicating transfer of funds from:Cash account to Cash accountCash account to Bank accountBank account to Cash accountBank account to Bank account

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