What is a group of trucks called?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A group of trucks is called a fleet. Trucks that have formed a group while traveling on a highway are called a convoy.

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Q: What is a group of trucks called?
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Group of trucks?

A fleet of trucks. Or if the trucks are on the move, it is a convoy

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volvo group

What does the word fleet mean?

fleet : a group of ships fleet can also refer to a group of trucks, ie. The moving company owns a large fleet of trucks

What do you call a fleet of trucks?

A fleet of trucks is called a convoy.

England trucks are called?

Just trucks. The is no different name.

What are England's trucks called?

A lorry.

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Largest truck manufacturers in the world as of 2007, over 16 tons GVW in 2005.[19][citation needed]Pos.MakeUnits1Isuzu478,5352Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz,Freightliner Trucks, Sterling Trucks, Unimog, Western Star,Fuso)438,9543Volvo Group (Volvo, Mack,Renault, UD Nissan Diesel)210,4464Hyundai Group (Hyundai)159,2375Tata Group (Tata Motors, Daewoo Commercial Vehicle)157,7816UD Nissan Diesel131,4297Hino Motors (Toyota Group)129,1078Fiat Group (Iveco, Magirus, Astra,Seddon Atkinson, Yuejin)127,5429PACCAR (DAF Trucks, Kenworth,Peterbilt, Leyland Trucks)126,96010MAN92,485

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Yes. Well, typically. There are trucks that are vehicles: pickups, flatbeads, rollbacks, box trucks, panel trucks, semi-trucks, etc. There are trucks that are carts, such as factory carts. There are also trucks beneath your skateboard; the axel and bracket that hold the skateboard wheels is called a truck.

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