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An indirect cost is business expenses that are not directly related to a particular product or function within the general operation. Costs of this type tend to have an impact on the overall operation of the business. Marking it very difficult to charge the costs to a specific department or associate them with one function.

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Q: What is indirect costs?
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Why distinguish direct costs from indirect costs?

It is done so to keep control on costs as direct costs are controllable while indirect costs are not.

Why do managers consider direct costs to be more accurate then indirect costs?

Answer this question...why do managers cosider direct costs to be more accurate than indirect costs?

Is direct cost same to indirect cost?

No direct costs and indirect costs are not same and opposite of each other.

What are the stages of accounting for costs?

direct costs,indirect costs,sunk costs, Activity based costing.

What are Both traced direct costs and allocated indirect costs?

cost assignments

In budgeting what is on the list of direct and list of indirect expenses?

Indirect costs are costs that are not directly accountable to a cost object (such as a particular function or product). Indirect costs may be either fixed or variable. Indirect costs include taxes, administration, personnel and security costs, and are also known as overhead.Costs usually charged directlyProject staffConsultantsProject suppliesPublicationsTravelTrainingCosts usually allocated indirectlyUtilitiesRentAudit and legalAdministrative staffEquipment rental

Is indirect material fixed costs or variable costs?

Indirect material is normal fixed cost that is why it is allocated using some kind of ratio or formula.

What are the indirect costs of tooth decay?

Indirect costs of tooth decay include things like lost productivity at work and school. Absenteeism due to dental appointments or severe pain is an indirect cost.

What are the indirect fixed costs of hospital?

All fixed operating expenses from overhead (indirect) departments

What is the process of assigning indirect costs?

Cost allocation...

What are the costs and benefits of indirect addressing?

Feces and smells.

Direct costs and indirect costs?

Direct costs- can be conveniently and economically traced to a cost object Indirect costs- cannot be conveniently or economically traced to a cost object. Instead of being traced, these costs are allocated to a cost object in a rational and systematic manner

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