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Standing Committee

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Q: What is the name given to a permanent congressional committee?
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Name the House congressional committee that controls the budget of the United states?

the committee on appropriations

What name is given to a joint House-Senate committee?

Congressional Committees made up of members from both the Senate and the House are called Joint Committees. Some examples of such committees are the Joint Economic Committee and the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Name three congressional committees?

Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Senate Committee on Appropriations Senate Committee on Armed Services

What is a congressional committee appointed specifically to investigate a particular scandal called?

The name for a committee formed temporarily for a specific task is an ad hoc committee.

What was the name of tehe congressional committee that investigate accusations of communist activities in the US?

HUAC, the House Un-American Activities Committee

Which permanent committee specializes in a particular area of legislation?

Permanent committee of congress that focuses on a particular topic is known as a standing committee. Such a committee may address insecurity , development, national budget and so on.

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named elements that have not been given a permanent name yet

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The general ledger is the name given to the permanent summary of all supporting journals. This is a term used in accounting practices.

The name given to trips to other parts of the world for the purpose of some congressional inquiry?


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