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Well most of the oil features contracts are negotiated on the NYMEX (New York Merchantile Exchange) and the contracts-negotiated in dollars are used in the benchmark pricing of the oil. Wasswa

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Q: Why is oil traded in US Dollars?
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How much is1000.000 in Argentina pesos in US?

A 1,000 Argentina Pesos can be traded for $290.37 US dollars.

What percentage of the US GDP is from oil?

oil makes up approximately 2.6 percent of the US GDP. The Us has a GDP of 13,926.7 billion dollars, and oil the oil market in the US is worth about 366.2 billion.

How does weak dollar increases the price of crude oil?

Most oil contracts are valued in US dollars. Therefore, if the US dollar weakens, an oil producer will demand more dollars for the same oil, all other things being equal. -ecn

How much does the us spend on oil in a year?

The U.S. spends 12 trilion dollars on oil a year

How does weak US dollar influence the price of crude oil?

Dollar is international currency and when the dollar is weak countries would be able to purchase more quantity of oil with lesser currency...however this is only when OPEC keep the prices stable Crude oil is mainly traded in US dollars, and when the US dollar weakens the crude oil market participants (speculators, producers, refineries, etc.) push the price of crude higher on the expectations that oil producers are entitled to at least the same prices as before in their own currencies, after exchanging US dollars into their currency. In economics such relationships are explained by Purchasing Power Parity theory.

Main source of foreign exchange for russia?

"Oil and gas" US dollars

How Australia and India traded in money?

About 6.5billion Dollars

How much foreign oil does US buy each day?

About one billion dollars every day on imported oil!

What stuff that Norway doesn't have is not traded from Canada?


Before leaving for a school field trip to spain matt traded 500 us dollars and recived 250 euros when he returned from Spain he had 50 euros left how much will he receive when he exchanges?

25 dollars

Are securities in all stock exchanges around the world traded in the US currency?

No all securities are not traded in US currency. The stock is traded in the currency that the country uses.

Is broccoli traded on the stock market?

No, broccoli is not traded in the stock market. There are commodities traded in the futures exchanges, such as wheat, corn, canola oil, and others, but not broccoli.

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