What type of fish need heaters?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Tropical fish.

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Q: What type of fish need heaters?
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Does a parrot fish need a heater?

Blood parrots are tropical fish, yes they do need heaters.

Do all fish need heaters?

No. Depending upon the climate you live in, tropical fish may need heaters if you live in a cool place and if you live in a warm place cold water fish may need coolers. Each species has its own requirements.

Why do we have heaters for fish tank?

its for tropical fish and salt water fish. they need to have warm water to survive cause were they live is really warm waters

Are fish tank heaters needed?

Typically heaters are needed for tropical fish tanks. However, if you could guarantee the room temperature where the tank is located will be maintained at the needed temperature for your fish, then you don't need a heater. Most tropical tanks need to be maintained at temperatures of 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the types of fish in the tank.

Do betta fish need heaters you heard they do but you have had one for almost 6 months with out a heater and it's fine?


Do betta fish need filters or heaters?

Betta fish do not enjoy currents that come from filters. You could put in a filter but I would recommend not to. Also, Heaters are unnecessary as long as you keep the water 70-80 degrees.

What type of heaters can go in fish tanks?

Not all heaters can go inside a fish tank. The heater must be specifically made to be put in an aquarium. You can order one off the internet as long as it is made to be put in water or you can get one from your local fish or pet dealer. It would be better for a first time fish owner to get one from a pet dealer instead of the internet.

What Eskimo Inuit do today?

Eat Fish and buy heaters

What type of fish doesnt need oxygen?

All fish need oxygen....

Do plecos need heaters?


What kind of fish is bream. Please you need to know as you are allergic to certain fishes?

It is a fish that swims and if you are allergic to any type of fish then just don't eat any type of fish

How many 6 to 4 inch fish can you have in a 1.5 gallon fish bowl?

The rule to follow for freshwater fish is 1 inch per gallon. For goldfish is it one fish per 10 gallons, and for bettas it is 1 fish per 1 gallon. Fish bowls really are not the best home for any fish. Fish need to be kept in tanks with heaters and fliters.