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Q: Can you keep Guacamole past the date on the container if it is not open?
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Can you get an open container ticket on a horse?

Yes, you can. Receiving an Open Container ticket is for having an open container.

Definition of open top container ship?

An open top container ship means a hatchless container ship.

Can there be an open container law in the city that you live in?

There are open container laws in many cities

Why you can't store in open container?

Because from an open container a gas diffuse in the atmosphere.

How do you preserve fresh guacamole?

Try adding lime juice to it. Or you can also put lettuce right on top of the surface of the guacamole, or some other vegetable or cover. Either way, the guacamole still cannot be preserved for too long.

How much is open container ticket in Texas?

Each city in Texas has their own fees for an open container ticket. In Houston, TX, the fine for an open container is $270.00 dollars.

Who is responsible for open container If the passager has the open container?

i believe both driver and passenger will not sure tho

Are liquid often stored in open container?

No, not usually. This is because the liquid will evaporate if it is kept in an open container.

What are the types of containers?

In a general category, containers can be divided into 9 parts as follows: 1- Standard 20-foot container 2- Standard 40-foot container 3- 20-foot open container 4- 40-foot open container 5- Refrigerated container 6- Shipping container Air 7- Tank and tanker container 8- Folding container 9- Open sided container

How long is hummus good for in the fridge?

12 days Usually the expiration date is on the container. I wouldn't keep it open and refrigerated for longer than 8 days.

When did open container law come into effect in Florida?

The open container law came into effect in the state of Florida in 2011. The statute states that it is illegal to have an open container of an alcoholic substance in a moving vehicle.

Which will melt faster an ice cube in a closed container or open container?

An ice cube will melt faster in an open container because there is better air circulation and heat transfer compared to a closed container where the heat exchange is limited.