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probably not but you should talk to your doctor

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Q: Can you play softball with a toe chip fracture?
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How do you get cure of bone chip fracture on leg toe?

Keep the weight off that foot, a bandage, and wait.

Can you wear soccer cleats for softball?

incorrect. They are very similar, but not quite the same. I have used soccer cleats to play softball with, so they will work, but I prefer the softball cleats. They have the toe spike and give you more support around the ankle.

What is a angulated fracture in fifth toe?

An angulated fracture is one in which the bones, once broken, no longer line up in the straight line they used to assume, and have broken into an angle. The fifth toe is the little toe.

What kind of tretment do you get if you have a hallux fracture?

big toe splint

How is Athena determined?

She is determined to eat a potato chip that got stuck in between her toe.

What are the differences between soccer cleats and softball cleats?

so, soccer cleats, don't have a 'toe' cleat on the top, and a softball cleat does. if you compare them, look at the very top. also they are made of different materials, and on the bottom part, where the heal is, soccer cleats usually have a different pattern.

Treatment for a chip fracture?

It depends on the part of the body the chip is in - if it 's part of an appendage (arm, leg, toe, finger, etc.) usually there's not much to do except let it heal, unless it's interfering with mobility or the use of the limb itself. In those cases it can simply be removed. Same goes for chips in other parts of the body - depending on where it is and whether or not it's a threat to an organ or is in a position to cause further harm, the decision might be to remove it. In most cases though it's just left alone if it's not a threat to anything.

Can you use softball cleats for soccer?

No. Softball shoes with a cleat under the front toes cannot be used for soccer. However you can go the other way and use soccer cleats for softball. My daughter does fine without the toe cleat.

How can you shower with a spiral fractured toe?

I broke my toe yesterday, went to A&E, got it taped up and on crutches. It's a spiral fracture in the toe next to the big toe. How can I shower/wash without damaging it more? I don't want to impede the healing as I need it to be healed in time for my holiday and it's already unlikely if that will happen.

What type of shoes do you have to wear for soccer?

They have special shoes called cleats. They kind of look like softball or football cleats except they don't have a stub on the toe. They have stubs on the bottom of the shoe. You aren't able to wear them if they have a stub on the toe.

What colour is your toe when it is fractured?

Not always, your toe is purple because you have broken blood vessels in your toe and the blood has leaked out into your tissue. Your body will absorb this spilled blood in time and you can watch your toe turn all kinds of colors during this process. To see if you have indeed broken a bone and not sprained it, you need to have an x-ray.

What games do kids in Africa play?

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