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In fact hot Cheetos do not make you lose brain cells they increase your brain cell activity so you are more awake and able to concentrate


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Q: Do hot cheetos cause to lose brain cells?
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Can drinking cause you to lose brain cells?

yes it can -DR.Marshall

Can holding in a sneeze cause a brain anerism?

yes, you lose 10 brain cells

Do you lose brain cells if you sleep with your head under the blanket?

no cause the brain is at rest!! sleeping does not require effort that brain cells will work!

Does smelling smoke from cigarettes make you lose brain cells?

Of course not! Smoking cigs doesn't even cause loss of brain cells.

Do you lose brain cells if you hit someone on the head?

no you don't lose brain cells you fool

Do you lose brain cells when you laugh hard?

No, you don't lose cells that's a myth

If you knock your brain will bits of your brain come off?

no but you will lose brain cells

What can make you lose brain cells?

Things that can cause loss of brain cells include frequent exposure to toxins like alcohol and drugs, head injuries, lack of proper nutrition, chronic stress, and certain genetic factors. Additionally, conditions like Alzheimer's disease and stroke can also lead to the loss of brain cells.

Why do you lose brain cells?

sniff gasoline

Can you lose brain cells by staying up?

yes it does

Does blowing into a bag make you lose brain cells?


Can you lose brain cells when you suffoca te?