How does a whole pear get in brandy?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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A bottle is attached to the end of a pear tree branch and the pear grows inside the bottle.

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Q: How does a whole pear get in brandy?
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How do they get the whole pear in the brandy bottle?

The classic French pear brandy is the Williams Pear Brandy, which contains -- you guessed it! -- a Williams Pear. The pear isn't put into the bottle; it grows inside it. When the fruit is small, the bottle is affixed to the tree branch, and the pear grows to maturity inside the bottle. Brandy made from Williams Pears is added, and voila! The magic is complete.Having once purchased a bottle out of curiosity (and having enjoyed the brandy immensely), I sought out the answer to this very question. And yes, if you live in a climate that is conducive to growing pears -- and a former neighbor of mine in Lake Arrowhead, CA, is a candidate for doing this, since she grows terricif pears! -- please do try it!

What is the french name for pear brandy?

pear brandy is called 'eau-de-vie de poire', often simply shortened in 'poire' in French.

How do the get a real ripe pear in a bottle of pear brandy?

The bottle is attached to a branch and the pear grows inside the bottle.

How do you grow pear brandy?

If you mean the "pear in the bottle" brandy, the bottles are placed on the trees before the pears start to grow and they just grow right into the bottle.

Where to get wonderful labels for your bottles of brandy with pear inside?

Many makers of pear brandy bottle it with a pear in the bottle. Ironworks Distillery in Nova Scotia is one. Most large liquor stores in the US that I have been in have had at least one variety of pear brandy that included a pear in the bottle.

How did a full sized pear get in pear brandy?

While the pear is small it is placed in the bottle, and the bottle is supported in the tree. Pear reaches full size in the bottle.

In many liquor stores you can buy pear brandy with a real pear inside The pear is whole and ripe and the bottle is genuine it hasn't been cut in any way How did the pear get inside?

They place empty bottles directly on the fruit trees where the fruit bud is made to grow inside each bottle.

Which country grows the pears in pear brandy?

France, among others.

Does pear-in-the-bottle brandy spoil?

Yes, but not for 5 years plus.

How can you get a real pear inside a pear brandy bottle?

Here you go. This link may help. soniczev

How did a pear get inside the brandy bottle?

When the pear is growing they hang a bottle over the small growing pear. At this time the pear is small enough to put a bottle over it. As the pear ripens, its grows inside the bottle. When the pear is ready to be harvested they take the bottle with the pear "trapped" inside. Then it is off to the distillery where they fill the bottle.

Is cutting up a pear a reversible change?

no because you cannot really get it back to a whole pear.