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contrary to popular belief, mick Taylor did NOT give the lead guitar track to brown sugar, rather, Keith Richards took over and played both the solos and the lead guitar for sympathy for the devil.

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Brown Sugar was the opening track of the Rolling Stone's album Sticky Fingers, and was released in May of 1971. The song was written and recorded in December of 1969, however it could not be released until May 1971 because of legal issues between the band and its previous record label.

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Mick Jagger wrote the song for Marsha Hunt when he was filming NED KELLY.

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Sticky fingers

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Q: When did the Rolling Stones release Brown Sugar?
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Is brown sugar by the rolling stones?

Brown Sugar is by the rolling stone. You can find it on the CD Sticky Fingers.

Rolling stones hit in 1971 is?

Brown Sugar

What year was brown sugar a hit for rolling stones?

It it #1 in 1971.

What is the best selling single by rolling stones?


Which Rolling Stones' song features a sitar?

Paint It Black

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ahh really depends. you have to count the brown sugar grain by grain. normally when im doing this i listen to the song "brown sugar" by the rolling stones.

How many songs did mick jagger write for the rolling stones?

i think the stones wrote 437 songs BUT my favroite song by the stones is GET OFF MY CLOUD AND START ME UP AND BROWN SUGAR

What was the rolling stones world hit in 1965?

The Rolling Stones hit the number one position on The Billboard Hot 100 with the song Brown Sugar. The song Wild Horses hit number 28 as well. In the UK the songs Brown Sugar, Bitch And Let It Rock all hit the number two spot on the UK Top 50 Singles.

How many number hits did the Rolling Stones have?

AnswerThe answer is actually 9, The Rolling Stones had again a nr 1 hit with Paint it Black in 1990.The other 8(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction; Get Off Of My Cloud; Paint It, Black; Ruby Tuesday; Honky Tonk Women; Brown Sugar; Angie; Miss You

What songs did The Rolling Stones record in 1973?

Brown Sugar was their biggest hit single of 1971. It's taken from the album Sticky Fingers.

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sugar blue Turns out I met his manager today.