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Q: Do you have to put money in the middle of the board when playing monopoly?
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How much money goes in the middle of the board in the beginning of monopoly?


What is a monopoly money not referred to the board game money but like the world's monopoly money?


When playing the game monopoly are you required to complete a full rotation around the board before you are permitted to buy property?

no you can buy property as long as you have money

Can you answer this brain teaser A man pulls up in his car in front of a hotel but as soon as he did that he knew he had lost all of his money?

He's playing the board game Monopoly...

How much Monopoly money is all the hotels on a Monopoly board worth?

well 4 pounds havent you read the instructions?

How many game pieces are there in Monopoly?

currently there are 12 playing pieces, money, hotels, houses, 1 dice, community cards and chance cards and also the game board

What was the first board game that used paper money?

monopoly( only one I know)

How do you divide the money in the beginning of the South African monopoly board game?

follow the drecions

What is game monopoly about?

the monopoly board game is based on the reality of real estate.

How do you earn money on Monopoly?

By rolling the dice, moving your token around the board, and passing the "Go" corner.

What contents are in monopoly?

a dice 2 sets of cards board player pieces instructions coloured houses money

Is monopoly here and now edition any different to the traditional monopoly?

No they are all the same no matter what addition of monopoly you get the rules are all the same .The only difference would be the game piece's, names of the places on the board or the money.