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Q: How difficult is it to enforce corporate guarantee?
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What is corporate guarantee?

A guarantee provided by a corporation, a legal person, is known is corporate guarantee.

What is guarantees?

A guarantee provided by a corporation, a legal person, is known is corporate guarantee.

What is the definition of corporate guarantee?

A Corporate Guarantee is a guarantee in which a corporation agrees to be held responsible for completing the duties and obligations of a debtor to a lender, in the event that the debtor fails to fulfill the terms of the corporate guarantee.It is also known as debtor-lender shylendri

What is the importance of providing a corporate guarantee with your products?

The customer will feel more obligated to buy the product if it is backed by a corporate guarantee. The guarantee will ensure trust in the customer and will make him more likely to buy your products.

What is the difference between a corporate guarantee and a bank guarantee?

A Bank guarantee is given by the bank on behalf of it's customer (applicant) to the beneficiary of the bank, that in case of non happening of the particular event which is being covered by that particular guarantee, the bank ( guarantor) will pay the beneficiary an amount, which is mentioned in the guarantee, provided the beneficiary submit the claim under the guarantee in the agreed format and within agreed time. The claim ( compensation) under the bank guarantee will be financial in nature. A corporate guarantee is a guarantee given by the corporate to cover their own exposure or exposure of some other related entity, to the bank. It will also be financial in nature and banks derive an additional comfort from such guarantees when they do their lending to particular borrower.

Can a director give a personal guarantee for a loan?

He can but should not. A personal guarantee defeats any corporate shield against seizure of personal assets.

What is the difference between a corporate guarantee and letter of comfort?

Corporate Guarantee bind under legal obligation in absense of fullfill the commitment of risk/obligation by subsidary company. A comfort letter is an amorphous obligation and is typically given in a situation where a parent company is unwilling to give a guarantee in respect of a subsidiary's liability.

Under what circumstances a court may hold shareholders liable for debt of a corporation?

When they personally guarantee corporate obligations or the corporate veil is pierced as a result of the shareholders failing to recognize corporate formalities and treat corporate assets as their own.

How did Britain and France make washingtons neutrality policy difficult to enforce?

They had a revolution

Why was the sherman antitrust act difficult to enforce?

Because they were good enough to break it

How do you use the word enforce in a sentence?

Teachers should enforce the classroom rules.

Which intellectual property is hard to protect by a business owner?

Trade secrets require some amount of effort by a business to protect them legally. Copyrights are easy to obtain legally, but difficult to enforce in practice. Patents are somewhat difficult and often expensive to obtain and enforce. Trademarks are easy to obtain but not always easy to enforce.