How you deal with a cut?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How you deal with a cut?
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What is a deal breaker?

When somethings happens to cut the deal. No more deal.

What is the meaning of the expression cut a deal?

to finalize a deal

What does the idiom 'to cut a deal' mean?

"Cutting" a deal just means making one. You're compromising, or making an agreement. "Cut" is used in the sense of stamping out or creating.

How do you cut 5 grams of cokecaine?

Tell you what: You learn to spell it, and I'll tell you how to cut it. Deal ?

How do you deal with step parents?

Cut there faces off and burn it,

What was the uotcome of the Lorrainne Bobbit trial?

they cut her a deal (haha) sorry.

Do you cut cards in cribbage?

No, it is customary to not offer the cut to your opponent in a game of cribbage. Some people will take a point if you offer the cut.

What are the release dates for Deal - 2010 II?

Deal - 2010 II was released on: USA: 26 November 2010 (final cut)

What did Loki do for his head not to be cut by the dwarfs?

He reminded them that the only way to cut off his head was to cut his neck. But his neck was not part of the original deal, so they couldn't touch it.

Why will the Bucs not cut cornerback Phillip Buchanan?

The Buccaneers cut Phillip after the 2008 season and he signed with the Detroit Lions for a two year deal.

Did the new deal bring an end to the depression?

It would have except the government cut back on cash infusions into the economy which lead to the second new deal

What name Planks or boards of softwood timber such as fir cut for use in building?

The answer is deal