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They use that phrase a lot on television now, don't they? I'm sure I've heard it within the last week [and I don't watch much television], and at least a few more times in the weeks before that. It means that the referent [he or she to whom they are referring] is so far ahead of the game that he or she will undoubtedly win unless some very crazy unforeseen thing happens. At least that's what it's meant every time I've seen it used.

As an aside, it doesn't need to be an actual game being played. It can be a more metaphorical contest [ie: a work promotion fought over by various employees]. .

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It means that someone is winning by so much, that the only way he could lose at that point would be if he defeated himself, i.e. by 'choking' or 'dropping the ball'.

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Q: What does 'the game is his to lose' mean?
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