What does horse stand for in poker?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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usually a joker

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Q: What does horse stand for in poker?
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What is a Poker game where one might stand pat?

5 card draw is a Poker game where you can stand pat.

When to hit and when to stand poker?

my guess is hit on 15, stand on 16

What does WPT stand for?

World Poker Tour.

How do you get a horse on governor of poker?

Basically win against Ron's faster as soon as possible :)

What horse breed stand for twh?

Tennesee Walking Horse

What is Poker stars horse strategy?

To become a good Horse player, to need to have a good knowledge of all five games that are played. Being a excellent Hold-Em player but not knowing the four other type of poker mean you are going to fail in Horse. Your best bet to improve your game is still to play a lot of those games and analyze the way you play every time you play. Reading good poker book is always a good idea too. A book like "The Theory of Poker" by David Sklansky is a great idea, since it does touch most of the game used in the Horse.

When you lead a horse were do you stand?

On the left side of the horse, near the horse's cheek. Um no ^ ................. you lead a Horse from the near side ( Left Side) and you should stand at the Horses shoulder. That is the correct way. (:

Why is my Zynga poker on facebook freezing up?

one guy use freeze poker hack so u if u stand up u lose hcips

What the Shakespeare acronym ahahmkfah stand for?

King Richard:A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!"vovvarna"

What dos bhp stand for?

BHP Stand for Brake horse power

What do you do if your horse kicks anothor horse?

You stand back and try to separate the horses with a stick or something but don't stand behind there bum.

What is Brad Garrett's occupation?

Brad Garrett is a/an Actor,stand-up comedian,poker player