What is a casino cage?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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The cage is the area in the casino where you go to cash in your chips, to cash checks, or to perform other financial transactions. In most casinos, it looks like a counter that you would see in a bank with several cashiers.

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Q: What is a casino cage?
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How do you find green poker chips?

You walk to a casino poker room cage and hand them $25.

Can a casino main cage cash checks?

If you mean "checks" as in a paper check drawn from a bank account, it is each individual casino that sets the guidelines for check cashing. Most require that you set up a check cashing account. If you mean "checks" as in playing chips, yes, as long as they are from their own casino.

If you bring home gambling chips from Vegas is there anyway to cash them in without rerturning to Vegas?

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