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Q: What time will the bank deposit your ssi benefits?
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Can a bank garnish ssi check?

No, banks cannot garnish Social Security benefits, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI), for most types of debts. These funds are protected from being seized by creditors under federal law.


If you don't deposit your SSI checks or cash them, then yes the checks can be cancelled and the money would be lost. But if you deposit the money into your bank or cash the check and save the money, then no, the money cannot get taken away.

Could SSI recipient be terminated for clothing shopping on bank statemnt and one time deposite of 6000 from a different country I just received a letter that SSI they want to see the bank statement?

It was probably triggered by the record of the deposit from a foreign location. They want to know if you are independently capable of supporting yourself by private funds or that you are "scamming" the US taxpayers.

Can you receive your benefits living in the Philippines for SSI only?

move n live in the Philippines and receive my SSI benefits?

Can a person receiving disability benefits with direct deposit to the bank be levied?

Accounts that have social security and ssi fund contained it it can not be levied account to federal law.

How far ssi go back to pay benefits?

SSI benefits can go back to the month after you filed your application or the month after you became eligible for benefits, whichever of the two is later. Normally, SSI benefits are not paid retroactively before you file an application.

Can one have ssi and AARP too?

Yes, one can have SSI and AARP at the same time. A person might collect social security benefits including Medicare and could have AARP as a secondary insurance with those Medicare benefits.

Can you receive ssi benefits and section 8 benefits at the same time in California?

Yes, individuals can receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and Section 8 housing assistance at the same time in California. SSI benefits are not counted as income for determining eligibility for Section 8 assistance, so you can potentially receive both benefits simultaneously. However, it is important to report any changes in income or household circumstances to both agencies to ensure continued eligibility.

Can ssi be garnished if you receive benefits in a check?

SSI cannot be garnished.

Will you lose your SSI benefits if you will married?

NO... that is your money set aside for when its your time to receive it ... there is no way it can be taken from you if it was gained legally ... you can hit the loto for millions and still get a ssi check in the mail...

Can you collect ssi disability benefits for flatfoot?


Can SSI be garnished?

Generally, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cannot be garnished to pay debts owed to creditors. SSI is protected from garnishment by federal law, with few exceptions like unpaid federal taxes or child support. It is important to know your rights and seek legal advice if you are facing a situation where your SSI is being threatened to be garnished.