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No im a hacker and I've tried you have absolutley no hope

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Q: Are there any hacks for Sonic Chronicles?
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Any hacks for sonic?

I don't know about "hacks" exactly. But I do know that has hints & cheats for any game you can think of.

Is sonic chronicles a sequel to any game?


How can you play as super Sonic in Sonic Heros?

At ending level And with Hacks.

Was silver in sonic chronicles?


What are all the sonic games on DS?

Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure and Sonic Chronicles.

Were can you find sonic hacks for my sadx?

hyper shadic

Are there any Sonic games for the DS with chao other than Sonic Chronicles Dark Brotherhood?

No, but I do believe a Chao does make a cameo in Sonic Rush when you are about to play 2P with a friend.

Where can you find Sonic RPG?

There is only one official Sonic RPG is Sonic Chronicles.

Does sonic turn into super sonic on sonic chronicles?

Spoilers: Yes He Does For The Last Boss.

Do any Sonic games for the NDS include a Chao World?

Yes, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.Chao World was a concept used in Sonic Adventure/DX and Sonic Adventure 2/2 Battle.

Will marine be in sonic chronicles?


Where is the elevator sonic chronicles?

i dnow