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Yes, go to the survival area first beat team galactic in Stark mountain then catch heatran then the trainer cafe will be open for you then gym leaders will be sitting down talk to them to battle they will change people at 1pm.

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Q: Are there any ways to fight gym leaders on Pokemon pearl again?
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When do you fight Cyrus in Pokemon Pearl?

in team galactic hide out spear piller

How do you fight with other trainers of the world on Pokemon pearl?

Travel around sinnoh

How to fight cressicilia in Pokemon Pearl?


What does encore do to your Pokémon on Pokémon pearl?

it makes your Pokemon use the same move again if you attack

What is Pokemon 147 in pearl?

Pokemon no.147 in the Pokemon Pearl National Pokedex is Dratini.

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How do you redo the gym leaders on Pokemon pearl?

You can't fight them again if you go to their gyms. But to fight them again you have to go to the Survival Area and gain access to the place near the Pokemon Center and some of the Gym Leaders will be there.

Who are the gym leaders in Pokemon platinum and what is the best starter Pokemon to use?

the gym leaders are the same as they are on pearl and diamond. but the order you fight the gym leaders are different. Turtwig would be the easiest way through the game.

What do you do after you have been to the battle tower in Pokemon pearl D's?

Figure out something to do: Fight trainers you haven't fought yet Fight the Elite 4 again Catch more pokemon Do the game again!

Where can you fight level 70s in Pokemon pearl?

Battle Frontier in one of the houses one on one of the islands you can battle the gym leaders with stronger pokemon.

What do you need to face the third gym leader in pearl?

you need at least one flying Pokemon or a psychc. gym leaders Pokemon are machoke fight,meditie fight psychc, lucario steel fight. im am pretty sher thos are her Pokemon

How do you rechallenge gym leaders in Pokemon pearl?

You can't. You could use the VS Seeker to challenge Trainers outside of battles though. It was a stupid choice by Nintendo not to let us fight gym battles again. XP

Where do you get gym badges Pokemon Pearl?

You defeat the gym leaders in Pearl. ~KKMG1

What is the water gym leaders Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?

He has a Gyarados, Quagsire, and a Floatzel

How do you fight your mom on Pokemon pearl?

You cannot.

Where is buck after stark mountain?

If your playing Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, you'll never see him again, but if your playing Pokemon Platinum you can battle him and the gym leaders in the resturaunt in the Survival area.

How do you get 8 gym badges on Pokemon Pearl?

we can get 8 gym badges byfighting all the gym leaders in Pokemon pearl.

How do you find the gym leaders in Pokemon pearl?

various gym leaders will be in various cities. you can fight them in any order, depending on whether or not you need special moves to get to them or whatever. you just have to travel around and you will find them.