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No, he says that he has never kept any animal

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Q: Ben barnes have got a pet?
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Which is ben Barnes mobile?

he got no mobile, dats y none know his num

What is Ben Barnes's birthday?

Ben Barnes was born on April 17, 1938.

When is Ben Barnes birhday?

Ben Barnes (actor) was born on August 20, 1981.

Who is ben barnes girlfriend?

Ben Barnes is currently single!! Get um while he is hot!

Ben Barnes future premiers?

ben barnes plans to play aro in new moon

When was Ben Barnes - politician - born?

Ben Barnes - politician - was born on 1938-04-17.

When was Ben Barnes - actor - born?

Ben Barnes - actor - was born on 1981-08-20.

Who are Ben barnes parents?

Thomas and Tricia Barnes

Has Ben Barnes got a beard?

in some movies he is sporting a beard. (i.e: locked in/voyage of the dawn treader)

Ben barnes full name?

Benjamin Thomas Barnes

Is Ben Barnes hot or not?

if you mean the ben barnes from prince Caspian, yeah, he's totally hot! Definitely hot :)

What is the age of Ben Barnes?

Ben Barnes was born 20 August 1981, so that makes him 18 years old.