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Alexandrite Dragon is strongest.

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Q: Best yugioh 4 star 1800 attack monsters?
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What is the best card in the Yugioh trading card game?

There is no best card. All depends how you use them.

What is the best Yugioh gx duel academy gba deck?

i would say elemental heros all the way.

What is the best type of Beyblade to have?

it would be attack

What Pokemon has the best attack stat?

Deoxys in its Attack Forme has the highest attack stat. 1. Deoxys (Attack Forme) - 180 base attack 2. Rampardos - 165 base attack 3. Slaking - 160 base attack 4. Regigigas - 160 base attack 5. Groudon - 150 base attack

What are the Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

This question cannot be easily answered. There is a spectrum of the best Yu-Gi-Oh cards out there. If you are looking for the most broken cards or in terms of attack, there are different categories. Monster (ATTACKWISE): 1. Armityle the Chaos Phantom 2. Dragon Master Knight 2. Five Headed Dragon 4. Machina Force 5. Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon 10. Hamon, the Lord of Striking Thunder 10. Uria, the Lord of Searing Flames 10. Raviel, the Lord of Phantasms 10. Rainbow Dragon 10. The Wicked Dreadroot NOTE: There are many monsters with an attack of 4000. Here are some of the original 4000 ATK+ monsters. . Monsters (EFFECTWISE): The following monsters are monsters that are on the Forbidden List 1. Yata-Garasu 2. Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End 3. Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 4. Fiber Jar 5. Sinister Serpent 6. Magical Scientist 7. Tribe Infecting Virus 8. Cyber Jar 9. Thousand Eyes Restrict 10. Witch of the Black Forest Monsters (VERSATILITY/SPLASHABILITY): The following monsters are not Forbidden. Versatility is the ability to use a card that can pull you out of an awful situation 1. Sangan 2. Marshmallon 3. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 4. Morphing Jar 5. Dark Armed Dragon 6. Snipe Hunter 7. Plaguespreader Zombie 8. Dandylion 9. Judgment Dragon 10. Tragoedia Spell (Forbidden) 1. Raigeki 2. Pot of Greed 3. Harpie's Feather Duster 4. Change of Heart 5. Temple of the Kings 6. Painful Choice 7. Graceful Charity 8. Delinquent Duo 9. The Forceful Sentry 10. Snatch Steal Spells (Other) 1. Monster Reborn 2. Dark Hole 3. Swords of Revealing Light 4. Monster Gate/Reasoning 5. Mystical Space Typhoon 6. Gold Sarcophagus 7. One for One/Emergency Teleport 8. Scapegoat 9. Allure of Darkness 10. Destiny Draw Traps 1. Crush Card Virus 2. Ring of Destruction 3. Imperial Order 4. Sixth Sense 5. Exchange of Spirit 6. Mirror Force 7. Torrential Tribute 8. Last Turn 9. Call of the Haunted 10. Solemn Judgment SYNCHRO MONSTERS 1. STARDUST DRAGON 2. BLACK ROSE DRAGON 3. MAJESTIC STAR DRAGON 4. GOYO GUARDIAN 5. ARCANITE MAGICIAN 6. JUNK DESTROYER 7. JUNK ARCHER 8. DARK STRIKE FIGHTER 9. THOUGHT RULER ARCHFIEND 10. COLOSSAL FIGHTER 11. SHOOTING STAR DRAGON 12. RED NOVA DRAGON OVERALL: 1. EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE 2. CREATOR GOD OF LIGHT HORAKHTY 3. BLUE EYES SHINING DRAGON 4. HERALD OF PERFECTION 5. SEAL OF ORICHALCOS 6. WINGED DRAGON OF RA 7. OBELISK THE TORMENTOR 8. SLIFER THE SKY DRAGON 9. EXODIA NECROSS 10.JUDGMENT DRAGON 11. YUBEL TERROR INCARNATE (2ND FORM) 12. YUBEL ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE (3RD FORM) 13. YUBEL (1ST FORM) FUSION MATERIAL MONSTERS: 1. DRAGON MASTER KNIGHT 2. FIVE HEADED DRAGON 3. BLUE EYES ULTIMATE 4. CYBER .E. DRAGON 5. B SKULL DRAGON CHARACTERS OF ALL 3 YUGIOH SERIES: 1. MARIK (YUGIOH) 2. JADEN (YUGIOH GX) 3. MAXMILLION (YUGIOH) 4. YUGI MUTO (YUGIOH) 5. YUSEI (YUGIOH 5DS) 6. SETO KAIBA (YUGIOH) 7. JOEY WHEELER (YUGIOH) 8. LEO / LEE (YUGIOH 5DS) 9. ATEM (YUGIOH) 10. DARTH/DARK MASTER (YUGIOH GX) ?: Tyler the great warrior?

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What is the best thing to train on to 99 attack?

Revenent monsters in the Wilderness

Where can you download yugioh 5Ds episodes?

Best place to watch any episodes of Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Yugioh 5D's, and Yugioh Zexal is at the website

Why do the monsters attack you in minecraft?

The monsters attack you in Minecraft because they are simply programmed to you and the game wouldn't have any challenge if nothing attacked you. Your best bet is to fight or put it on peaceful.

What is the best game to get?


Is there a Yugioh online rpg that's free not for just 10 days though?

The best I have played is LackeyCCG and even better Byond (Duel Monsters Genesis)

Whats the beat card in Yugioh?

The best card in yugioh is the judegement dragon card.

Are yugioh zexal is better or gx?

Both Yugioh's are great. Many people thing GX is the best.

What is the difference between Yugioh gx and Yugioh 5d?

Yugioh gx is about an academy with people learning how to duel and yugioh 5ds is just mongo's riding crap mc's original was the best. BOLLOCKS TO 5d

Who is the best duelist?

Zane Truesdale is the best duelist of all Yugioh

What is the best deck for Yugioh 5ds stardust accelerator?


What is the best Yugioh combo?

my favorite combo uses DNA surgery( it lets you choose one type of monster and all monsters on the field are considered that type) and Insect Barrier. You play DNA and choose Insect then play Insect Barrier so your opponent cant attack you because of Insect Barrier. But there are many more than that.

What are the best monsters to attack at level fourtythree on runescape?

There aren't that many monsters to attack at your level, but you should try the Black Knights' Fortress which is just North of the Dwarves on the map. Also you could try going to the Fist of Guthix or the Duel Arena near Al Kharid.

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