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No, reshiram can't learn roar of time . Only Dialga can learn it!

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Q: Can Reshiram learn Roar of Time?
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How sounds to roar of Reshiram?

Reshiram's roar from Pokemon sounds like a cross between a dragon and a bird. Or more of a high-pitched roar. Search on YouTube and you'll find your answer.

Can mew learn roar of time?

No. Roar of time is strictly a dialga move.

Can Darkrai learn Roar of Time and Spacial Rend?

Yes, Darkrai can learn the moves Roar of Time and Spacial Rend.

How do you get the moves roar of time and spacial rend for Arceus?

Arceus cannot learn roar of time or spacial rend.

What level will Dialga learn Roar of Time?

It comes with Diagla. If you catch one and Roar of Time isn't there, there is a problem.

What level does Palkia learn roar of time?

Palkia does not learn Roar of Time, that's Dialga. Palkia has it's own unique move: Spacial Rend.

What Pokemon can learn roar of time?

i think dielga can lern.

Which one is better Reshiram or Zekrom?

Reshiram. It has higher Special Attack Points. The Dragon type killer movea are Dragon Pulse and Draco Meteor maybe even Roar of Time and Space Bend, which are all special attack moves. Reshiram will take out Zekrom.

How does Arceus learn roar of time?

only an event arceus knows roar of time. and pichu cant learn pain split and moves like that to... it realy sucks dont you think?!

At what level does Reshiram learn blue flare?

reshiram will learn blue flare at level 100 and Zekrom will learn Bolt STrike at level 100!

Can you get a Infernape to learn spacel rend and or roar of time?

no roar of time and spetial rend can only be used by dialga and palkia and tugipi because toigipi learns metramone

What level does Giratina learn roar of time?

Giratina does not learn Roar of Time. That move is specifically for Dialga and Dialga only. Because it is Dialga's signature move. Just like Palkia's Spacial Rend and Giratina's Shadow Force. They are the only Pokemon that can learn these moves.

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