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Q: Can you die from a leg infection?
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How did tutankamun die?

He died of an infection in the leg.

How did Tutankhmun die?

he had an accident on his carriet and died of a leg infection

When did tutankharmun die?

Tutankharmun died from an infection in a broken leg.

How did King Tutankhamun break his leg and die?

There is a theory that he fell while on his chariot and broke a bone in his leg.

How did King Tutankahmun Die?

This is a mystery that lives on today. What scientists believe is either he was murdered, was posioned or had and infection in the leg which caused his leg to break.

Why did King Tutankhamen die?

King Tut died because of a leg infection and malarial dease

How did pharaoh tutankham die?

Scientists believe he broke his leg and then died of a very bad infection.

If the eastern painted turtle gets its leg bitten off will it grow back or get sick and die?

No, the leg will not grow back. You should take your turtle to the vet IMMEDIATELY your turtle could die from blood loss or infection.

When did George Rutter die?

George Rutter died on November 4, 2007, in Burbank, California, USA of leg infection.

When did Pete Eneh die?

Pete Eneh died on November 15, 2012, in Enugu, Nigeria of complications from a leg infection.

When did Chubby Johnson die?

Chubby Johnson died on October 31, 1974, in Hollywood, California, USA of leg infection.

What town did gus of lonesome dove die in?

Gus was shot in the leg by indians. His leg got infected so a dr took it. the infection spread to his other leg and he would not let the dr take it off. He did of blood poisoning.