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Q: Can you install pool deck tiles over chattahoochee river rock deck?
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Benefits of Wood Deck Tiles?

Wood deck tiles are not only beautiful, they are easy to install and quite affordable. Available in several colors, the tiles can be placed over old concrete or other appropriate surfaces without difficulty. Wood deck tiles, which are as easy to put together as a jigsaw puzzle, stand up to years of heavy traffic and are virtually maintenance free.

Can I make my own deck tiles for my patio?

You can make your own deck tiles without having to hire a professional, or you can just buy the tiles and supplies you will need to build a deck the way you want it done.

Do I need to change my deck tiles, and how often do I need to?

It can be several years before you need to change your deck tiles. Tiles can be replaced individually as they fall into disrepair, or the deck can be completely replaced after several years. It is important to oil your deck every six months to a year to prevent damage to tiles.

Where can I find wood deck tiles at a reasonable price?

You can find wood deck tiles at a reasonable price at any hardware store. Try home depot or your local hardware store. They have durable wood deck tiles at a very reasonable price.

Have you ever used wood deck tiles on a deck?

I have never used these on a deck. Personally, I like to look of straight boards in a rather simple design. I like to see the wood grains, and the look of a deep, rich stain. Deck tiles would not be something for me.

Laying Deck Tiles?

Most people look to concrete or wood when planning their deck, but you can mix things up by choosing beautiful deck tile. Easy to install and simple to care for, these tiles will give your deck a luxurious, sophisticated look you are sure to appreciate. If you will be putting tiles over a wood deck, be sure that you check the structure strength. If necessary, add some joists for strength. On the top of the deck, use special hardie backer to stiffen the surface and prepare it for tile. If you are working with concrete, use a four-foot level to make sure it is perfectly smooth. Grind high spots flat and use concrete filler to raise low spots.

Are decking tiles essential to building a deck?

Decking tiles are pretty convenient because they allow your deck to survive through varieties of weather. They may cost quite a bit of money but they are worth it.

How can you fix tiles that are rough and cause injury without removing the water from your pool?

Removing the tiles and old grout is a dirty and difficult job with the water still in the pool. It has been done. It is just as difficult to install the new tiles & grout. I have of some doing it from inside a small boat in the pool with the water lowered. Have heard of others doing from the deck working up side down, if you will, to set the tiles.

MTD Mower 42 deck how to install the deck belt?

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What are deck tiles made of and are they easy to clean?

Deck tiles are made from Amazonian cherry and Andean oak wood. Yes, it is very easy to clean, to be easy to take care of - no finishing, no staining and no involved cleaning process is necessary.

Planning Patterns For Outdoor Deck Tiles?

Several types of outdoor deck tiles are designed to be arranged in a pattern. This pattern is often very flexible and can be changed by the homeowner as needed. It is important that the exact pattern be planned before purchasing a large amount of deck tiles. Minor problems or inconsistencies could invalidate an intricate pattern. It is also beneficial to know exactly how many of each type of deck tile is needed before making any purchases.

What are the benefits of using outdoor deck tiles?

Enjoy all the benefits of a solid wood deck or a natural stone patio without all the hassles and hard work of conventional installation methods. HandyDeck's decking tiles are a complete DIY deck-in-a box paving solution that will turn your dreams into reality.