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You cannot trade Pokemon to Pokemon Colosseum, but you can trade the Lugia you catch to Ruby or Sapphire.

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Q: Can you trade Pokemon from yellow to Pokemon colesseum?
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How can you get more Espeons in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness?

trade them from Pokemon Colesseum/(any other generation lll gamewhere trading is possible)

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon yellow to Pokemon yellow?

Yes you can trade Pokémon between two Pokémon Yellow games.

In Pokemon Colesseum can you get Remoraid a 2nd time?


How many Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon colesseum?

I'm "guessing" NONE!!

How do you catch meowth in Pokemon Yellow?

Meowth is not in the wild in Pokemon Yellow. You have to trade to get it

Can you trade Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon to Pokemon Yellow?

No. They are different generations, so they can't trade.

How do catch ho oh in emeral?

You Need The Mystic Ticket To Get Ho-Oh And Lugia in emerald Or Trade Ho oh From Pokemon Colesseum And Lugia From Pokemon Xd Gale of darkness

How do you get toadadile in FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen?

1: you have to get crawcanaw in Pokemon colesseum and then trade it to fire red/leaf green and then you can put it in th day care with a ditto to get toadadile. 2:gameshark

Can Pokemon Blue trade with Pokemon Yellow?


Does Pokemon Yellow have Meowth and were can you find it?

Pokemon Yellow does not have meowth and it can only be obtained by trade.

Can you trade Pokemon from the original Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon platinum on the DS?


How are you able to trade in Pokemon Yellow?

One can trade in Pokemon Yellow via link cable. Two Gameboy consoles can be connected via link cable and Pokemon can be traded across Pokemon Blue, Red, or Yellow.