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Q: Can you win a date with Taylor Lautner?
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Do Taylor Lautner date black girls?

He will date who every who he want.

Will Taylor Lautner ever date you?

I hope so!

What celeberty would jennywooz date?

I think Taylor Lautner

Is Taylor Lautner gay?

No Taylor Lautner is not gay

Did Taylor lautner and Kristen Stewart date before?

i think so

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When did Taylor Lautner win his nominees?

Because Taylor Lautner is awesome and extremly hot

Did he ever date Taylor swif?

taylor lautner really did date her

DO Taylor Lautner date normal people?

First check your grammar, it's Does Taylor Lautner date normal people. And only he can answer that.

Who was the cast in bring in it to win it?

Taylor lautner,

Did bella thorn date Taylor Lautner?

Yes she said she want to go back out with Taylor lautner

Did david Henrie date Taylor swift?

No. Taylor Lautner is!

Did Taylor lautner date Miley Cyrus?


Did Justin Bieber date Taylor Lautner?


Who was Selena's favorite date with?

Taylor lautner

What is the lowest Taylor Lautner will date?

not your age

How young of a girl would Taylor lautner date?

since Taylor Lautner is 22 he date a girl 1-3 years younger than him

Did Taylor Lautner date Selena Gomez after Taylor Swift?