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Yes, Abraham Lincoln has 4 kids.

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yes. he had 4.names:robert todd lincoln, edward lincoln, tad lincoln, and willie lincoln.

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Q: Did Abraham Lincoln have any children when he got married?
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What was Sarah Lincolns kids names?

Sarah Lincoln Grigsby, Abraham Lincoln's older sister, did not have any children who lived. She died, in childbirth, and her first child, a boy, was stillborn. Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's stepmother, had 3 children from a prior marriage, which left her a widow, when she married Abraham Lincoln's father, Thomas. Her children's names were: Elizabeth, Matilda, and John D.

Did presindent Abraham Lincoln have any children?


What was abraham lincoln wife name and did he only have one wife?

Abraham Lincoln's wife was named Mary Todd Lincoln. They had a very tempestuous courtship and broke up a few times, but they ultimately married and stayed married. There is no evidence that President Lincoln had any other wife.

Was Abraham Lincoln married twice?

No, Abraham Lincoln did not have and affair with anyone, while he was married. The other answer is referring to President Thomas Jefferson, who allegedly had a long term intimate relationship with his slave (who was also his late wife's half sister), Sally Hemings. The relationship took place at least 7 years after Jefferson's wife had passed away. Allegedly she and Jefferson had 6 children, 3 who survived into adulthood. The descendants of the 3 children, are a subject of dispute. There is strong and convincing DNA tests, which show the descendants are directly related to Jefferson and Hemings. Yes. He had an affair with an African American woman and had a child.

What where some of Abraham Lincoln's favorite childhood games?

Abraham Lincoln did not like any kind of games. He was little bit interested in painting. He always wanted to go to school as he was very much interested in studies.

How long were Abraham Lincoln an his wife married for?

22 years Any other information you would need about Abraham Lincoln and his wife's marriage meeting or anything else can be found at the website below.

What was Abraham Lincoln's bodyguards name?

Abraham Lincoln didn't have any bodyguards.

Did Robert todd Lincoln have a child?

Yes.Robert and his wife, Mary Harlan, had 3 children. A son, Abraham who was nicknamed "Jack" (born on August 14, 1873), daughter, Jessie (born on November 6, 1875), and the youngest, a daughter, Mary Lincoln (born on October 15, 1869). Mary married Charles Isham, son of Robert's law partner. They had one son, Lincoln Isham, who was born on June 8, 1892, and passed away September 1, 1971. Lincoln Isham married Leah Alma Correa in 1919, but the couple had no children. Abraham "Jack" Lincoln II died in 1890 while the family was in England during Robert's tenure as the U.S. ambassador, to the United Kingdom. "Jack" was just 16 when he died. Jessie Harlan Lincoln,married Warren Beckwith in 1897, and had two children, Mary "Peggy" Beckwith (1898-1975) and Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith (1904-1985), both of whom never had any children. Robert's wife, Mary, was shy and often sickly.

Who are Lincoln's children?

It is impossible that there are any of Abraham Lincoln's children still living, since he was murdered in 1861 (date query?). By now, there are probably some great great great grandchildren around.

How did Abraham Lincoln kill slaves?

Abraham Lincoln did not kill any slaves. He worked to free them.

Before Abraham Lincoln became president did he have any children?

Abraham Lincoln had all 4 of his children, before becoming President. (Robert born in 1843, Eddy born in 1846, and Willie born in 1850, and Tad born in 1853.) Eddy had died in 1850, before Lincoln was elected President in 1860.

Does Abraham Lincoln have any powers?