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no they did not write any songs

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Q: Did Dylan and Cole Sprouse actually write the song Battlefield by Jordan Sparks?
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Who is newest album is called Battlefield?

Jordan Sparks

What was Jordin Sparks greatest hit song?

i love SOS to Jordan sparks Tattoo and Battlefield are good songs too. : )

How many albums des jordin sparks have out?

Jordan Sparks Only Has 2 Albums Out Right Now. Battlefield (2009) and Jordin Sparks (2007)

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i think "battlefield" by Jordan sparks

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In Battlefield it says 'you better go get your armor'.

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I think Jordin Sparks's new album is actually called the name of her single, "Battlefield".

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who inspired Jordan sparks

When was Battlefield by Jordin Sparks released?

The song Battlefield by Jordin Sparks was released on May 8, 2009.

What are the lyrics to battelfelid by Jordon spakers?

If you enter "Battlefield by Jordan Sparks lyrics" in any search engine you should find them very fast

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