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Harry Houdini did have schooling. But no one knows for certain where he went. But people do know that, since he moved around a lot, that he had very little. He also learned to read and write. He also had schooling as a trapeze artist.

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Q: Did Harry Houdini have any schooling?
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Who is Harry houdni?

Harry Houdini was a magician

When is Houdini's birthday?

He was born March 22nd, 1874. when did HARRY HOUDINI

What famous magician died on Halloween in the early 20th century?

Harry Houdini died on Halloween in 1926.

Who inspired criss angel?

His Hero and inspiration is Harry Houdini!

How did houdini die?

Harry Houdini died in great pain. What happened was...On October 20th, 1926, Harry had been visiting McGill University. A kid decided to sketch Houdini and Houdini invited him to his dressing room. The kid brought along his friend and were in the middle of sketching him when there was a knock on the door. A young man came in and started questioning Houdini about his stength. Houdini answered and later on, the man unexpectdly started delivering hard blows to Houdini's stomach.Later on it was said that Houdini had ruptured appendix. Harry had serious pain in his stomach but put it off and refused to see a doctor. On Halloween, Harry diedIt is not one hundred percent sure that the young man, Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead, had killed Houdini. It is said that is was an accident and Houdini was already suffering from appendix. If Whitehead hadn't punched Houdini (A witness, the sketchers friend, said about 5 times but after the 3rd or 4th one he had tried to stop but Whitehead just went ahead) Harry might've considered going to a doctor... but he didn't and later on died.Just to get the story straight, don't blame Whitehead for Houdini's Death.And maybe he doesn't want to tell the doctor because the other people will think he is not stronger then Whitehead.He couldve also died because he was in New York (as so ive heard)and he was doing a trick where he was in a metal box filled with water and something went wrong to where he couldn't get out.And so he drowned.R.I.P Houdini.

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Did Harry Houdini have a kid?

Harry Houdini did not any sons.

Who was harry houdini's teacher when he was in school?

Harry Houdini did not have any education whatsoever.

Is Harry Houdini's kids alive?

Harry Houdini didn't HAVE any kids.

Did houdini ever get married?

Sadly, harry never had children with his wife, Beatrice.

Did Harry Houdini have any military service?

No. Nowhere in his life did Harry Houdini join the military.

Did Harry Houdini have a schooling?

From my current background knowledge Harry taught himself to do many things. His father had a huge amount of books that inspired him.

Did Harry Houdini have any money when he died?

no, Houdini was totally broke.

Did Harry Houdini have any kids?


Did Harry Houdini have any scars?

I think he did

What collage did Harry Houdini attend?

Sadly Houdini did not attend any college in his life.

Did Harry Houdni have any kids?

Harry and Bess Houdini had no children.

What nicknames did Harry Houdini go by?

Harry Houdini went by The Great Houdini.