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Q: Did Jacques Catier establish a territory?
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Did Jacques catier get land named after him?

yes he had a park named after him called Jacques catier prouincial park

Who is Jacques Catier?

A French explorer

What is Jacques Cartier best known for?

Jacques Catier was best known for naming the St.Lawerence River,and mapped and found the St.Lawerence seaway in Quebec!!.

Who were the early explorers of NY?

I really don't know much but I have two in my brain Giovanni Da Verrazano Jacques Catier

What country and who funded Jacques Cartier's exploration?

Jacques Cartier's explorations were funded by the French monarchy in the 16th century. He was commissioned to explore and establish French claims in the territory we now know as Canada.

What was Jacques catier relationship staus?

Jacques Cartier was a French explorer who lived in the 16th century. His relationship status is not widely documented, but he did marry Mary Catherine des Granches in 1520 and they had children together.

What skills did jaques catier have?

Jacques Cartier was a skilled navigator and explorer who had a deep understanding of cartography and mapmaking. He also possessed strong leadership skills that enabled him to successfully command expeditions and navigate the challenges of exploring new lands. Additionally, Cartier was known for his ability to communicate and negotiate with indigenous peoples, which helped establish beneficial relationships during his voyages.

How do wild hamsters establish a territory?

in England in June

What was Jacques Catier looking for when he found Canada?

Samuel de Champlain's reason behind exploration was that he was part of a fur trading expedition and then he had the intention of building a permanent settlement along the st Lawrence river.

Where did Jacques Cartier establish Charles-bourg Royal?

Jacques Cartier established Charles-Bourg Royal on the mouth of the St. Lawrance river

Which explorer established France claim to territory in the New World?

Jacques Cartier

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