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Q: Did Vivian Fuchs have kids
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When was Vivian Fuchs born?

Vivian Fuchs was born in 1908.

What is Vivian Ernest Fuchs's birthday?

Vivian Ernest Fuchs was born on February 11, 1908.

When was Vivian Ernest Fuchs born?

Vivian Ernest Fuchs was born on February 11, 1908.

How did Antarctica affect Vivian Fuchs?

due to nothing

When did vivian Fuchs die?


What has the author Vivian Fuchs written?

Vivian Fuchs has written: 'Of ice and men' -- subject(s): British Antarctic Survey, British, Discovery and exploration 'Synopsis of results' -- subject(s): Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1955-1958), History

Where is sir vivian e fuchs and sir Edmund Hillary born?

Edmund Hillary was born in Auckland, Dominion of New Zealand, on 20 July 1919 to proud parents Percival Augustus Hillary and Gertrude Hillary. Vivian Fuchs was the son of the German immigrant Ernst Fuchs from Jena and of his British wife Violet Watson. He was born in 1908 in Freshwater, Isle of Wight,

Does vivian vande velde have kids?

yes they died in irak

What are Oodgeroo Noonuccal kids names?

Dennis Walker and Vivian Walker

What is the birth name of Jockel Fuchs?

Jockel Fuchs's birth name is Jakob Fuchs.

What is the birth name of Emil Fuchs?

Emil Fuchs's birth name is Emil Edwin Fuchs.

What is the birth name of Frits Fuchs?

Frits Fuchs's birth name is Frederik Christiaan Fuchs.