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MLB player Boone Logan bats right.

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Q: Does Boone Logan bat right or left?
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MLB player Jorge De La Rosa bats left.

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He batted left-handed and threw left-handed, but he signs autographs right-handed.

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THIS IS NOT ANSWER TO THE QUESTION, BUT BOTH A PERSONAL VIEW AND HOPEFULLY AN OPPORTUNITY FOR DISCUSSION OF THE SUBJECT. The common opinion states a left handed person is more creative, smarter and possibly better drivers (just read that on online...who knows). But what if you were meant to be left handed and were persuaded as a child to write with the right hand. This was common in 19th and early 20th century when being left handed was seen as deficient and possibly evil. Superstition while much more prevalent during the early centuries, it still remains. We no longer discourage children from being left handed, but do find it a curiosity I find this subject interesting because if you have dominant left handed tendencies, but they were suppressed, will this suppress your potentially superior creative tendencies I myself am right handed and yet do a number of things left handed. Some people simply dismiss this as ambidextrous. Yet this raises another question....if you are ambidextrous do you have the creativity of a left handed person and the logic of a right handed person. When playing baseball I bat left handed and yet throw right handed. If I bat left handed, then why don't I golf left handed. These tendencies were not forced on me, but simply what I found comfortable when learning these games. My brothers when teaching me to bat naturally set me as a right handed batter, but my hands were switched. While they tried to correct my hand positions I kept moving my hands in to left handed position. They suggested trying batting left handed and it felt so natural and of course I was much better. Golfing I am better right handed, but can golf left handed. I think of myself as a very creative person and yet I am a Civil Engineer...a very logical number crunching field. I find myself not a typical engineer, very social and with many creative interests. I am now middle aged and as an exercise have been teaching myself to write left handed and have found it to be easier than I thought. I don't believe I was encouraged to be a right handed person, but I was a follower as a child. I remember kids who were left handed were something of a curiosity not the attention I wanted. This is not to say I truly was a purely left handed person, but I wonder if I had began my life as a left hander I wonder what effect this may have had on me. This now takes us to the ultimate question of the effect of stimulating the side of the brain which controls left or right handed tendencies. If you are raised as a right handed person, but were meant to be left handed will this diminish your potential creativity. It seems logical (say my right brain) that diminished stimulation of the right brain could lead to diminished right brain potential development. Now the next question is can you learn to be the left handed person you were meant to be and will this stimulate the right brain. Again this seems logical, but will you reach the potential as if raised as a left handed person from childhood. This also seems logical that you would probably not, but will find an increase in stimulation and creativity nonetheless. We know the brain when stimulated with new interests will grow so to speak. When stimulated new neuron connections will be established essentially increasing what is now referred to as "Brain Age". The old adage "Use it or lose it". I think it may be evident that I have not answered the original questioned, but have raised more questions. Perhaps this is the result of both my right and left brain working together. This question unless researched leads to the development of hypotheses which will inevitably lead to many more questions....but isn't this the first step toward research. I will leave you with this thought, find activities which use both sides of your brain as you will find yourself possibly and most likely a more well rounded person. Let's strive to use as much of our brain as possible and I like to think that the right side needs the left side to stay sane?

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