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i wont to see Jake t.austins underwear

Yes...... I am pretty sure he wears underwear, what kind I don't know.

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Q: Does Jake T Austin really wear underwear?
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Did Jake T Austin wear handcuffs on his wrists?

Yes. Jake T. Austin was arrested and handcuffed by police only about a week ago in February 2011 for underage drinking. I found this out from a yahoo fan.

What brand of Jeans does Jake T Austin wear on Wizards of Waverly Place?

He wears Levi and wrangler

Does Jake t Austin wear glasses?

Yes I saw in a photo him wearing converse.....

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He likes girls who wear T-shirts and jeans. He doesn't like girls who wear dressy girly stuff. And like MANY guys, he likes girls to be themselves.

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I would think his underwear. A lot of young boys sleep in their underwear.