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Probably not because she became famous as ally on Austin and ally and if she just got famous, she will probably get a boyfriend later

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yes, her boyfriend is Adam Irigoyen and she is 17 years old.

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Q: Does Laura marano have a boyfriend and how old is she?
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Who is Laura Marano's boyfriend?

Laura Marano and Ross are Single

Who is laura Marano boyfriend from now?

it is andrew limbrick

How old is Laura marano from Austin and ally?

Born November 29,1995 Laura Marano is 16

How old is Laura Marano?

Laura Imbruglia is 28 years old (birthdate: June 15, 1983).

Is Laura marano single?

Laura marano is single!

Who is Laura Marano sister?

Vanessa Marano is Laura Maranos sister. Vanessa Marano is the co-star of Swithced at Birth and she is older than Laura.

Do you like Laura marano?

Yes everyone like Laura Marano

what is Laura marano's celebrity crush?

laura marano's celebrity crush 2014

How tall is Laura marano from Austin and ally?

Laura Marano is 5.1

Did ross lynch and laura marano have a baby?

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano did have a baby in the novel about their story.Ross Lynch and Laura Marano had a baby in the book.

What is Laura marano's dog called?

Laura Marano has a dog named Velvet who is a Keeshond

Is vanessa marano and Laura marano are alike?

They are sisters