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Ulala is not apart of the Sonic series, but as they are both from SEGA and have starred in a few games together, they may like each other as friends.

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Q: Does Ulala like Sonic
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Who is ulala and AIAI in sonic riders and does any sonic game character know anything about them?

Ulala is a reporter from the video game, Space Channel 5. AiAi is the main character from Super Monkey Ball. The Sonic characters do not know these characters as they are in different franchises.

How do you unlock ull ala in sonic all-star racing?

Ulala is unlocked in the shop with your Sega Miles. Sega Miles give you cash. If you have enough Sega Miles, you can unlock Ulala.

Who are all hidden characters in sonic riders?

There are: Dr.Eggman, Shadow,Rouge,Cream,AiAi,NIGHTS,Super sonic,Ulala,E-100000G, and,E-100000R.

What are all there characters in sonic riders?

{| ! Character ! ! | Sonic the Hedgehog Jet the Hawk Miles "Tails" Prower Wave the Swallow Knuckles the Echidna Storm the Albatross Doctor Eggman Amy Rose Shadow the Hedgehog Rouge the Bat Cream the Rabbit Babylon Guardian E-10000G/R AiAi Ulala Omochao thanks but how do you unlock them??? |}

How do you get the secret character in sonic riders?

To get shadow,cream and rouge you have to complete the hero story. to get eggman complete the babylon story,nights,aiai and ulala you get by doing all the missions.

How do you get Nights on Sonic Riders?

You finish all of Storm, Jet, and Wave's missions. You don't even have to get gold on any of them, just complete them. When that is finished, you will unlock Nights, Aiai, and Ulala.

What characters can you be in Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing?

You can be Sonic, Tails, Amy, Eggman, Shadow, Aiai, Billy Hatcher, Knuckles, Big the Cat, Zobio, Beat, Ulala, BD Joe, Alex Kidd, Rio Hazuki, Chuih, Mobo and Opa-opa.

What movie and television projects has Apollo Smile been in?

Apollo Smile has: Played Additional voices in "Iria: Zeiram the Animation" in 1993. Played Tracey in "Battle Arena Toshinden" in 1996. Played Alana Payne in "Drop Dead Rock" in 1996. Played Karin in "Chojin gakuen Gowcaizer" in 1997. Played Ulala in "Space Channel 5" in 1999. Played Coco Hearts in "Jaja uma quartet" in 1999. Played Ulala (lead) in "MTV Video Music Awards 2000" in 2000. Played Ulala in "Space Channel 5: Part 2" in 2002. Played Eva (lead) in "Division-Trade" in 2002. Played Nova in "Megas XLR" in 2004. Played Ulala in "Sonic Riders" in 2006. Played Ulala in "Sega Superstars Tennis" in 2008.

How do you get night in sonic riders?

Complete all missions to unlock Ulala, Aiai and Nights. For Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, complete all missions to unlock Nights, Amigo and I think Billy Hatcher, I have them unlocked I just haven't played the game in ages.

How do you unlock all characters in Sonic Riders?

Cream, Rouge and Shadow: Complete Hero Story mode. Dr.Eggman: Complete Babylon Story mode. NiGHTS, AiAi and Ulala: Complete all missions in Mission mode. E-10000G: Play 20 hours total in Sonic Riders. E-10000R: Play 50 hours total in Sonic Riders. Super Sonic: Achieve a GOLD Rank on all missions in Mission Mode.

On sonic riders what people can you unlock?

all the possible characters you can unlock are: Dr.Eggman, rouge, shadow, cream, knights, aiai, ulala, E-1000R, E-1000G. Im pretty sure that's all of them. the rest of the other characters are automatically unlocked.

Is sonic in another dimension?

Okay to answer your question, how much do you like sonic? If your like me, ( a.k.a a sonic freak a.k.a you talk about sonic everyday) yes. If you're not like me, no. :)