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Q: Does aletta Jacobs have kids
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When was Aletta Jacobs born?

Aletta Jacobs was born on 1854-02-09.

When did Aletta Jacobs die?

Aletta Jacobs died on 1929-08-10.

How many kids did WW Jacobs have?

WW Jacobs had two children.

Does Marc Jacobs have kids?


What nicknames does Federico Aletta go by?

Federico Aletta goes by Fukahire.

When was Aletta van Manen born?

Aletta van Manen was born in 1958.

When was Maria Aletta Hulshoff born?

Maria Aletta Hulshoff was born in 1781.

When did Maria Aletta Hulshoff die?

Maria Aletta Hulshoff died in 1846.

When was Aletta Bezuidenhout born?

Aletta Bezuidenhout was born in Kenya, in South Africa.

What is the birth name of Aletta Ocean?

Aletta Ocean was born on December 14, 1987, in Hungary.

Does Glen Jacobs have any kids?

he only has two step-daughters

What has the author Graciela Aletta de Sylvas written?

Graciela Aletta de Sylvas has written: 'Itinerarios de lectura' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation