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This one on Guns America is $175. Check the picture to be sure yours is the same.
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2008-01-18 05:49:39
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Q: Does anyone know how much a Savage Arms 1905 22 sl and lr rifle in mint condition be worth The pitina is wonderful as is the brass butt and is fireable?
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How much is a savage anschutz model 141 22 caliber worth?

I have owned this rifle for years my wife bought it new for me in 1967 and gave 90.00 for it if anyone can tell me what its current worth is i would appreciat it i would guess its condition at 100 percent savage anschutz model 141 in 95% condition is worth 850.00 model 141m 95% condition is worth 950.00 i own one of each and had them appraised last year

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What is a Savage Sporter 25-20 wood stock bolt action with clip worth?

First off, firearm values are greatly affected by the condition of the piece, so without seeing your Savage and judging its condition, the best anyone can do is give you a viable price range. The Savage Sporter in 32-20 is not a highly desirable collector's piece, but there seems to always be a demand for one in good to excellent condition. Prices generally range around $300 to $500, again mostly depending on its condition. One in nearly new condition would certainly bring more. But since these were made to be "working" rifles and not show pieces, they are rarely found in excellent or like new condition. Typically, with "usual" wear and age, their value runs in the $300 to $400 range. Hope this helps.

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