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Q: Does ariana grande prefer summer or winter?
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Does Taylor lautner like the summer or winter?

Taylor enjoys the beach in the summer but also loves to snowboard and ski in the winter.

How many Sabrina's Secrets magazines are there?

There are 64 magazines (including a Summer and Winter Special).

What is Paris Hiltons favorite season?

She likes spring , summer , fall ans winter. that's them all. By BabyGirlHannahT The Paris Hilton answers.

What is Harrison Ford's daughter doing?

involved in an independant film this summer in maryland, due for release this winter

How do you get a walrien in summer or spring in pokemon white?

It only appears in the winter on undella bay (5% chance finding it)

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What percentage of people prefer summer to winter?

most people like summer better than winter, but i don't know.

Do birds like summer or winter?

Most birds migrate in the winter to warm areas. They probably prefer warmer summer temperatures. Some birds stay in the winter months, the ones that prefer the cooler temperatures.

Which is better winter or summer?

This is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Some people prefer winter for activities like skiing and snowboarding, while others prefer summer for activities like swimming and hiking. Both seasons have their unique charms and offer different experiences.

Do mudpuppies migrate?

Mudpuppies prefer deeper water in the summer and winter and seem to prefer shallower water in the spring and fall. However, they do not migrate.

What is more popular winter or summer Olympics?

The summer Olympics are more popular than the Winter ones only because more countries participate, especially the ones that do not have winter like the ones in Africa

What does fall look like in Antarctica?

Antarctica has only to real seasons summer and winter since it is at the bottom(or top depending on what you want to prefer even though it is south), it only experiences 2 changes but it is pretty much our winter in the summer seasons and in the winter seasons it is completed unlivable

Where have last 20 Olympics been held?

1952- Summer~ Finland Winter~Norway 1956- Summer~Austraillia Winter~Italy 1960- Summer~Italy Winter~United States 1964- Summer~Japan Winter~Austria 1968- Summer~Mexico Winter~France 1972 Summer~West Germany Winter~Japan 1976 Summer~Canada Winter~Austria 1980 Summer~Soviet Union Winter~United States 1984 Summer~United States Winter~Yugoslavia 1988 Summer~South Korea Winter~Canada 1992 Summer~Spain Winter~France 1994 Summer~ United States 1996 Winter~ Japan 2000 Summer~Australia 2002 Winter~ United States 2004 Summer~ Greece 2006 Winter~ Italy 2008 Summer~China 2010 Winter~Canada

What type of climate is best?

Spring and summer are the best, although some people may prefer winter if they are keen on snow boarding or skiing

Is Ariana Grade Pretty?

Pretty is opinion to each person. 'Everybody's beautiful In their own way Like the starry summer night Or a snow-covered winter's day-' ~Ray Stevens, 1970

If it is summer in the northern hemisphere what season is it in the southern hemisphere?

WINter it is the oppsite of the south when its summer there its winter here and when its fall here itsspring there

Why do you prefer to wear clothes in summer and black in winter?

We are prefered to wear white clothes in summer because white colour is a poor absorber of heat and wear black clothes in summer because black colour is a good absorber of heat

Which years Olympics held in US?

1904 Summer, 1932 Summer, 1932 Winter, 1960 Winter, 1980 Winter, 1984 Summer, 2002 Winter.