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Q: Does chili from TLC have any kids?
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Do Chili from TLC have a son?

yes she has a son

What is chili's real name?

Chili from TLC real name is Rozonda Thomason. "Chili" is just her stage name.

Is chili form TLC chaka khan's child?

no.she's not.

When are the Duggars coming back to TLC?

TLC has permanently discontinued to air episodes of 19 Kids & Counting.

Is TJ Holmes Dating Chandra Thomas?

He is rumored to be dating Rozanda "Chili" Thomas from the music group TLC.

Can kids go to Chili's?

Of course! Chili's is a casual American restaurant with a family atmosphere. For those with younger children, kids menus are available upon request.

Who is Floyd jr mayweather girlfriend?

According to the show about Chili from TLC, it was her for awhile; however, HE broke up with her. They have gone back and forth, though.

When is '19 Kids and Counting' coming back?

TLC permanently cancelled 19 Kids & Counting in May 2015.

Will TLC take the gosselin kids off the show?

They are stil going to do the show, But they are only doing it for the money for their kids.

Did TLC replace any one for left eye?

No. But they made a single song with O'so'krispie called "i bet".Both T-boz and Chili claimed that Lisa would never be replaced because that was there best friend and their sister.

When is the 4th season of 18 kids and counting showing on TLC?

Jan 31 2010

Can you have kids on fable the lost chapters?

Not on Fable 1 or Fable TLC, but on Fable 2 you can.